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Flat Tops Cowboy Church

Come as you are!

Cowboy Church doesn’t mean you have to be a cowboy. Rather it’s about the way of life that
a cowboy of old represents.

Real cowboys are not the stereotypical folks you see in westerns, but the real, honest, hardworking, neighborly men and women that truly shaped the west.

Real cowboys stood by their words and were always there to help a neighbor in need.

We believe that these are the true traits of God and the Christian walk!
It’s great fellowship, great music and the Word of God preached right from the Bible!
Nothing added; Nothing taken away.

The Flat Tops Cowboy Church has directed the Flat Tops Rodeo Bible Camp for 18 consecutive years. This year, with COVID, we were asked if we were going to cancel our camp. Jeff Kehr, Pastor and Camp Director, tells our story:

“First we must absolutely give all the Glory to God. We said in March we would not cancel, believing God would open the doors for us to be at the fairgrounds. A week and a half before our camp, we got that approval.  Our Rodeo Bible Camp is only one of 2 camps associated with “Rodeo Bible Camps of America” that were able to have their camp this year due to the Corona Virus and our camp was the ONLY event the county fairgrounds opened up for.”

We design a t-shirt each year for the Rodeo Bible Camp. This year, the Rodeo Bible Camp committee wanted to do something with COVID. This t-shirt was the creation. Many people have asked to buy one; and thus why we are selling our COVID t-shirts. But it gets bigger…

Flat Tops Cowboy Church holds their weekly services at the county fairgrounds. With COVID, we have not been able to hold services there since April; currently services are held at a church member’s shop. When our church discussed the selling of these t-shirts, great excitement occurred with the thought of having them go viral; first to spread God’s word, and secondly to build a place where we can worship and hold our Rodeo Bible Camps without going through county and local jurisdiction.

Proceeds from this COVID t-shirt will fund more than a church; dream big…we see a place where we do not give handouts, but a hand up as we provide a place of rest, food and training for homeless; we see a place where a stranded traveler can call for help; we see a place where youth can gather for events; we see a place where you can always find a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of water; we see so much more….

Thank you for your support!!! As God provides, we will follow his plan for our future.